Celestite Egg Choice

My Divine Inspirations SKU: 1296-1297
Celestite Egg Choice

Celestite Egg Choice

My Divine Inspirations SKU: 1296-1297
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This listing allows you to select your specimen! Celestite Egg Choice, small medium or large. Pictured eggs, three to choose from.


This listing is for your selection, small medium or large Celestite Egg Choice. Exact stock to choose from is pictured.

 More about Celestite:

A high vibration stone, Celestite is also known as Celestine and is a teacher for the New Age. It brings a restored sense of trust in the infinite wisdom of the universe. When the Celestite touches your skin, it instantly lifts your mood and brings purity to the heart.  Making Celestite jewelry a fashion accessory adds the understated elegance of sky blue to your wardrobe while also healing the aura, and cleansing it of worry and stress. It’s a 2-in-1 fashion statement that also provides daily spiritual nutrition.

When it comes to cooling off fiery emotions, Celestite is the New Age balm to soothe the calluses caused by the gutter balls and strikes of life. The Celestite crystal stone is a symbol of peace, because when you connect to a higher state of being, it opens you up to mental clarity, the key to resolving conflicts in relationships. Celestite gives us a sense of greater openness to new experiences, even if it seems out of our comfort zone.

Wherever you happen to be on your spiritual journey, the dreamy sky blue Celestite crystal links us to our inner guardian angels, so we never have to weather the storm alone. Harness the calming, peaceful energy of Celestite and use it as an adult lullaby, calling you out of a spiritual coma and guiding your inner spirit towards light and love.

The high vibrations of Celestite crystal healing properties stimulate and support the throat, third eye, and crown chakras, making it an excellent stone for overall spiritual detox. In meditation, Celestite helps ease the transition into a peaceful state of awareness, which can be challenging for a troubled mind excited with conflict and frustration.

About Us

My Divine Inspirations strives to source only specimens that would make the cut for my personal collection of healing tools. Through an intuitive process; with the intention that I only source what my guides express to me would be the most helpful to you, my customers and clients. I personally clean, clear, and in some cases infuse with Reiki, ALL crystals that come into the shop so when you receive your order, you can rest assured your items are ready to use and wear right away. My team, as always, will help you if you ever have any questions or concerns, please email us at info@stephanielarmore.com.

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