Large Blue Calcite Sphere

Large Blue Calcite Sphere

Large Blue Calcite Sphere

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Large Blue Calcite Sphere approx 4in

This listing is for one sphere $79.00 + domestic large shipping

Metaphysical and healing properties of Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite is a gentle stone so is ideal for recuperation from illness and relaxation. It lowers blood pressure and dissolves pain on all levels. It gently soothes the nerves and relieves panic attacks and anxiety. Blue Calcite relieves unwanted emotions. If used on the Throat Chakra it helps you to communicate clearly and effectively with others especially if the is disagreement. Blue calcite absorbs energy, filters it and then returns it back to you.


Large Blue Calcite Sphere approx 4" (977g weight)

This listing is for one sphere $79.00 + domestic large shipping

More on Blue Calcite:

Blue calcite stones are stones of healing, recovery, communication, and even the development of psychic or paranormal powers.
Blue calcite is so useful for developing these powers because, at its core, it is a communication stone. This mineral gets it's power directly from its color frequency.

Indian mythology tells us blue is the color of the throat chakra, which is the chakra that rules all forms of communication. In Ancient Egypt, it was considered to have the color of life energy, which flows through all living beings. Modern western thought says blue is the color of holy communication and the Holy Spirit.
You can use blue calcite to clear negative energy from your aura or your environment. It has the power to gently fan away toxic energies that may be “sticking” to you.

While many stones that are known to improve relationships do it by harmonizing your natural energies, calcite helps bring disharmonies into the light.
At the same time, however, (and this is what makes it such a powerful stone), it makes it clear that these disharmonies are not necessarily huge problems.
Blue calcite’s gentle protective and anti-negativity powers can give you huge benefits when you place it in your home.


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