Merkaba Pendant

merkaba pendant
Merkaba Pendant

Merkaba Pendant

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These Merkaba Pendant offerings are so unique, I was able to find a small quantity in the quality you have come to expect from My Divine Inspirations.

These Pendants are carved from clear quartz, and encased in silver, comes with an 18" cord.


These beautiful carved clear quartz Merkaba Pendant offerings are so cool, the crystal merkaba spins freely in the setting. This Merkaba Pendant is carved from clear quartz, and encased in silver, it also comes with an 18" cord, ready to wear. Clear quartz amplifies our intentions and raises our vibratory frequency, which helps us to be more in touch with our higher selves. That in turn helps us to walk this life with more ease and grace.

Merkaba Meaning:

The meaning of the word, “Merkaba” is ancient;
and it carries great energy of Spiritual transformation.

A Merkaba Star, or Mer-ka-bah Healing Crystal, carries the meaning and energy of a vehicle of Divine Light which is used by Seekers, Healers and Realm Walkers – the Masters – to travel into the Astral realms and thereby connect with the higher realm beings of Light.
It is a tool for Ascension.

Mer means connecting thread- Light
Ka means The Spirit or Astral Self
Ba means The Body or Physical Self

My Divine Inspirations strives to source only specimens that would make the cut for my own collection of healing tools, through an intuitive process, with the intention that I only source what my guides express to me would be the most helpful to you, my customers and clients. I personally clean, clear, and in some cases infuse with Reiki, ALL crystals that come in to the shop so that when you receive your order you can rest assured your items are ready to use and/or wear right away. If you ever have any questions or concerns my team is ready to help you and answer your questions, just email us at

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