Nuummite Palm Stone

Nuummite Palm Stone
Nuummite Palm Stones

Nuummite Palm Stone

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This offering is for one Nuummite Palm Stone, These weigh approx 100g and are an excellent palm stone size. The flash they exhibit is stunning!


This offering is for one Nuummite Palm Stone, These weigh approx 100g and are an excellent palm stone size. The flash in them is stunning!

More about Nuummite:

Nuummite, the Sorcerer's Stone, draws from the fiery energies of ancient Earth and combines with the elements of Storm. Black as midnight shadows on moonlit water, this talisman shimmers with mystical gold light, lifting the murky to see what lies beneath. It is a stone of personal magic, increasing the frequency of synchronicity and luck, clairvoyance and intuition. Nuummite allows for journeying deep into the own psyche, offering a clear vision of one's true Self. It helps to release energies trapped in the subconscious and brings the gift of inner power, healing, and self-mastery.

Nuummite is a stone of tremendous grounding, attuned to the elemental forces of Earth to draw upon in times of need. It is an excellent source of energy with a strong electromagnetic field. It aligns the subtle bodies, strengthens the auric shield, and is fiercely protective against negative energies, manipulations, and environmental pollutants.

The oldest mineral on Earth, Nuummite was formed over three billion years ago from volcanic origins. It is a unique combination of Anthophyllite and Gedrite metamorphosed into inter-grown crystals of gray to black with flashes of gold. However, its iridescent sparkle may include red, orange, yellow, green, silver, blue, and violet. Its name comes from the remote, rugged mountain area north of Nuuk, Greenland. It was discovered in 1982 and is still painstakingly mined in this location today. Nuummite is found in Canada and the United States as well. However, only the rare Greenland variety has color developed well enough to be suitable for gemstones.

Called the Magician's Stone, Nuummite is a stone of elemental magic. These Stones with elemental magic should always be taken seriously and used respectfully with positive intent. For Example, malicious intent will rebound upon the user.


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