Pink Amethyst Geode

Pink Amethyst Geode
Pink Amethyst Geode
Pink Amethyst Geode
Pink Amethyst Geode

Pink Amethyst Geode

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This is a new find from Argentina! Pink Amethyst Geode! We have a few pieces available in the shop. All stock pictured here.


There has been a new find of natural Pink Amethyst Geode in Argentina! We were able to get a small lot of smaller, but highest quality and clarity, pieces for you!

More about Pink Amethyst:

Pink amethyst is regarded as the natural tranquilizer that enhances the connection with the higher states of meditation and consciousness. It cleanses the spiritual path. When you meditate, you derive results with unrelenting determination.
Pink amethyst gemstone offers strong protection against the negative energies of the environment and the bad spirits around you. It aids in healing the grievous injuries in life especially earned from the relationships and friendships.
Power of amethyst is noticed in the following conditions of life:
• Clarity of mind and thoughts. No emotion doubts arise when you align with the Pink amethyst.
• Pink lavender amethyst strengthens the health of 7th chakra and relieves all ailments associated with the chakra.
• It directs the personal power of determination and will power to be aligned with the highest aspirations in life.
• It dispels all doubts involved with in a relationship.

Healing properties of the Amethyst Pink Lavender
Pink amethyst are called the “Master Healing Crystals”. It heals the mind and assists the heart to take positive destinations in life. Healing properties of the Pink lavender amethyst include:
• Freedom from the feeling of victimization
• Relief from overwhelming situations
• Protection from negative vibrations arising from lack of patience or over-excitement
• Peel off the karmic cycle and promote self-love among siblings
• Induce calmness once you are betrayed by someone

My Divine Inspirations strives to source only specimens that would make the cut for my own personal collection of healing tools, through an intuitive process, with the intention that I only source what my guides express to me would be the most helpful to you, my customers and clients. I personally clean, clear, and in some cases infuse with Reiki, ALL crystals that come in to the shop so that when you receive your order you can rest assured your items are ready to use and/or wear right away. If you ever have any questions or concerns my team is ready to help you, just email us at

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