Smoky Lodalite Generator

Smoky Lodalite Generator
Smoky Lodalite Generator
Smoky Lodalite Generator

Smoky Lodalite Generator

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This amazing Smoky Lodalite Generator is HUGE! It weighs in at approx 600g, well over half a Kg just on its own and the approx dimensions are 4.5"x2.75"x2.5". This was a one of a kind piece and I cannot guarantee I will be able to source any more a this price point.


This big juicy Smoky Lodalite Generator is a powerhouse! It can be called Shaman Dream Stone, and that name says it all.
Lodalite is sometimes called Scenic Quartz, Landscape Quartz, and Garden Quartz as well, it is an amazing galaxy unto itself! Used to enhance and facilitate meditation, and bring in feelings of peace and relaxation.
The inclusions on this stone usually consist of Chlorite, Feldspar, and other materials that give different colored inclusions.
These inclusions can be cream, orange, green, or red in color, and they have a healing vibration that’s also magnified by the clear quartz, or in this case Smoky quartz, which is an amazing stone of protection and grounding. This smoky lodalite generator also has the benefit of the geometric shape designed to direct energy.

Why Would You Use Lodalite?
Lodalite can bring energies of manifestation in your life so that you will be able to fulfill your heart’s desires.
Lodalite can enhance your communication with beings from other higher realms and increase your spiritual energies.

My Divine Inspirations strives to source only specimens that would make the cut for my own collection of healing tools, through an intuitive process, with the intention that I only source what my guides express to me would be the most helpful to you, my customers and clients. I personally clean, clear, and in some cases infuse with Reiki, ALL crystals that come in to the shop so that when you receive your order you can rest assured your items are ready to use and/or wear right away. If you ever have any questions or concerns my team is ready to help you and answer your questions, just email us at

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